The “World Wide Web” as we know it exploded onto the scene in 1990 and has gone from a collection of small, interest-based communities to a world-spanning place of information, shopping, friendship, and cat videos. Nowadays, the internet is so ingrained in our society that we can’t imagine what we would do without it.

Every type of business possible is represented somewhere out there on the internet. In fact, up to 71% of all small businesses have one. This is because people have realized the value of the digital landscape, and they’re on board. The internet isn’t just a place for nerds to go anymore (although we’re still here!), it is an integral part of our everyday society, with some developed countries going so far as to call access to the internet a human right!

With all those potential customers out there, are you positioned to catch them when they’re looking for your goods or services?

The Benefits of a Website

A website is more than just a page online – it’s a platform that interconnects all your efforts. It’s complimentary, not supplementary, and gives you an edge. A well-functioning website is a funnel for all your marketing efforts and provides potential leads a place to convert into paying customers.

A well-made website is worth its weight in leads, and leads are every business owner’s long game. Most of the sites we’ve made see new leads coming in within the first few months, and maintain a steady trickle of organic (unpaid) leads throughout its lifetime. This can be supplemented by outside sales, ads both digital and physical, content generation, and good ol’ fashion word of mouth marketing.

Like all things, it needs regular maintenance and upkeep, and in doing so, you are only increasing your website’s value. A website that is maintained and updated regularly is one that search engines will look on with favor, and increases in something called SEO (to learn more about SEO and what it means to you click here). This means more organic residual leads. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?!

Why People Think They Don’t Need a Website, and Why They’re Wrong

There are a few common arguments that we hear when we talk to potential clients about websites. So we’re going to talk about a few of those right now and explain why they are misinformed, or just plain wrong!

Not That Many Other Businesses Are Doing It!

This is something we hear a lot. Other people aren’t doing it, so it must not be worthwhile. So let’s get the facts straight:

>>> 71% | Percentage of small businesses that have a website
>>> 79% | Percentage of small businesses with websites who say it is mobile-friendly (responsive design)
>>> 92% | Percentage of small businesses without websites that say they will have a website by the end of 2018

That’s right, 92% of small businesses are on track to have a website by the end of 2018. That means only 1 out of every 11 small businesses will be left without a site. Customers have been trained over the past few years to head for the internet whenever they need a specific product or service. They can get their questions answered, compare prices, and reach out to a multitude of providers without having to leave their couch. No more opening the phonebook and flipping through the business section until you find what you need, and while word of mouth is still powerful, those mouths are often on the internet now.

It’s Too Expensive!

We believe the adage “You have to spend money to make money,” and a website is just as important of an initial investment as almost any other part of your business. Think about how much your starting equipment cost for you to be able to run your business – things like marketing materials, business cards, postcards, brochures, yard signs, and banners. And what about things like accounting software, credit card readers, POS systems, your phone, and everything else?

Websites, when looking at the big picture, are quite reasonably priced for the mileage you get out of them!

No one is Looking for MY Services Online!

Yes, they are.

81% of shoppers conduct online research before they buy. Even if a lead didn’t come from a business’ website, they likely used that website as a tool to determine if they would choose that business over the competition. Modern consumers are savvier than ever and aren’t afraid to do some window shopping online when sizing up businesses.

I Don’t Have Time To Make a Website or Manage It!

This is probably the point we concede the most to our clients, and the one that is most important. You probably don’t have time to make a website, and that’s good! As a business owner, you want to be that busy! For us, as web development professionals, a fully featured 5-page website can take a minimum of 16 hours, and that’s only because we know the process inside and out! For anyone unfamiliar with that process, making a website could easily take 100+ hours.

Do you have 100 hours to give to a website? What about 70?  Probably not if we’re being honest. Those 70 hours could be better used servicing your clients, securing new leads, or managing your business. People hire web designers for the same reason I use an auto mechanic. I don’t understand how everything works, and I’m not interested in taking the time to figure everything out. Just like a car, there are little things that you can personally handle with your website that don’t take much time or effort. Fueling up, changing your own oil, and replacing headlights can be done with ease. And with a website, writing a few paragraphs for a blog, or adding some photos can usually be handled by almost anyone. But for more involved work I go to my mechanic, and you should go to your web developer!

So this one we concede, you don’t have the time, but we do!


Wrap Up

The internet is here to stay, and so are websites. If you want a website for your business, or need a new one and aren’t sure where to start, why not start with us! We’re pros at small business marketing, and that all starts with a website, so click here to reach out to us and find out what makes us different from the rest. We promise you won’t be disappointed! Thanks for reading!